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She has spent her life fighting for his right to rule – can she now let him rule her?

He is her king, her liege, her love but until yesterday he had never been her partner. They have fought a rebellion, infiltrated a castle and even married all to ensure his right to rule. The waves have died down and they have to deal with everyday. But everyday comes with all the ghosts and shadows of the past without the distraction of emergencies. Now they have to find a way through the maze of thier past trauma and see if they can live as well as fight together. 


Out Now

Dystopian Erotic Romance


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Self-Image in Successful Women

A few weeks back, Rebecca Adlington, a prominent swimmer and UK olympic medal holder, broke into tears on the topic of body image. The result: a surprised outcry regarding the body image problems of successful women. Why do women, so blatantly at the top of their game...

Violence against Women

I first had intended to write about the question of body image in successful women - but then I realised today is the international day for the Elimination Of Violence Against Women. So my plan changed. In the end, this blog post has become a plea for empathy, and the...


A Variety of Chains


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